Bankruptcy Services in Edmonton: Debt Solutions and More

Discover Debt Solutions in Edmonton

Don’t let your debt continue to grow. Come visit the compassionate licensed insolvency trustees at Fox-Miles & Associates, Inc., and take the first step toward eliminating your debt.

Take Advantage of Bankruptcy Services in Edmonton, Hinton and Sherwood Park

At Fox-Miles & Associates, Inc., our trustees are motivated to help you improve your financial distress. Our debt solution services include:

Credit Counselling: We review your income and debt situation and offer financial counselling from qualified credit counsellors. Then we create a plan to help you to pay off your mounting bills, consolidate your debt, or file for bankruptcy.

Consumer Proposal: We help you to arrange partial payments of everything you owe, and in turn, you sign a binding legal agreement to follow through with your payment schedule. As a result, debt collectors aren’t allowed to contact you anymore.

Personal Bankruptcy: After carefully reviewing your financial situation, we can determine if bankruptcy is an appropriate course of action for you. If so, we’ll guide you through every step of the process.

Corporate Bankruptcy: Our trustee looks over your company’s financial statements, assets, and liabilities. Then, we can help you file for corporate bankruptcy.

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Since 1999, Fox-Miles & Associates, Inc. has been helping Edmonton-area residents (including clients from Hinton and Sherwood Park) through financial difficulties. Call us today at 780-444-3939 to make an appointment.

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