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Take Control of Your Finances with Credit Counselling in Edmonton

Financial stress shouldn’t consume your energy. If you’re in debt, you need to get out of debt—fast. The credit counsellors at Fox-Miles & Associates can guide you out of financial stress and start you on your journey towards financial freedom. Discover what Fox-Miles’ credit counselling can do for you.

Learn How Our Advice Can Help

At Fox-Miles & Associates, we provide qualified financial advice to Canadians who want to be debt-free. The first step is to come to our office for a free consultation. Bring your financial statements to the consultation. Our credit counsellors can review your debts, your income, and your assets.

Once we’ve taken a thorough look at your financial situation, we discuss your options. Sometimes your best option is personal bankruptcy. Sometimes it’s a consumer proposal. Often we will outline a payment schedule that you can realistically accommodate, and work with you to make sure you follow this budget.

Learn From the Professionals

Our recommendations aren’t based on a whim. Fox-Miles & Associates offers professional credit counselling in Edmonton from certified credit counsellors. Our trustees make recommendations based on your financial circumstances and their experience in the field.

Don’t listen to half-baked ideas from friends, co-workers, and anyone who isn’t a professional credit counsellor. Instead, talk to the professionals at Fox-Miles & Associates today.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

If you’re drowning with debt, it’s time to take action. Get advice from one of Fox-Miles’ qualified credit counsellors, and start swimming your way back to the shore of financial stability. We provide helpful financial advice from compassionate, qualified credit counsellors.

For credit counselling in Edmonton, call our offices today at 780-444-3939. Your first consultation is free.


“I make my remittances on time every time. I have learned not to spend my tax money on wants. I live within my means.” – N.C.

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